7 Genius Ways to Stay Hydrated 7 Genius Ways to Stay Hydrated

7 Genius Ways to Stay Hydrated

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Staying hydrated isn't something you can just forget about throughout the day. In fact, according to ABC News Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton, 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. 

Dehydration symptoms include a dry or sticky mouth, dark yellow urine (or a less frequent need to pee), dry skin, headaches, and muscular cramps, according to Mayo Clinic.   

Dehydration can produce dizziness, lightheadedness, irritability, a high pulse and breathing rate, and even shock in extreme situations. This means that one of the most important things we can do for our health is something that most of us neglect entirely.   

Drinking lots of water is one of the most basic strategies to maintain your body and mind in peak condition. According to WebMD, water aids digestion and prevents constipation; stabilizes the pulse and blood pressure; regulates body temperature, and maintains your body's blood ph.   

To help combat this, here are seven great ways to stay hydrated in your daily life. 

    Make Water a Part of Your Diet 

    Besides being a vital part of our body, water is crucial for maintaining our energy levels and helping us maintain a healthy weight. While we need water every day, many of us don't drink enough of it. 

    This can lead to chronic dehydration, making it harder for our bodies to function correctly. Aim to drink about 8 cups (2 liters) of water for best results daily. 

    Water benefits your body by: 

    • Maintain a steady body temperature.  

    • Joints should be lubricated and cushioned.  

    • Safeguard your spinal cord and other delicate tissues.  

    • Wastes can be removed by urine, sweat, and bowel motions. 

    Your body needs more water when you: 

    • In scorching weather. 

    • Have a fever. 

    • Are you experiencing diarrhea or vomiting? 

    Download an App to Track Your Water Consumption 

    Keeping the body hydrated is essential. However, no one can maintain this habit consistently because we often forget to drink enough water while being very busy. 

    Today, several hydration apps are available for Android and iOS. These apps help you calculate how much water you need (water intake), track how much water you drink daily (waterlogging), and remind you when to drink (water reminder).  

    Drinking enough and the appropriate water is critical to our health, so I've highlighted five water tracker apps to help you remember to drink your water. 

    Application Platform Price

    Daily Water Tracker Reminder

    iPhone, iPad, Android

    Free with in-app Purchases


    iPhone, iPad, Android

    Free with in-app Purchases

    Hydro Coach


    $2.99 with in-app Purchases

    Water Minder


    $4.99 with in-app Purchases

    Water Your Body

    iPhone, iPad, Android

    Free with in-app Purchases

    Consume Lemon Juice before Meals 

    Lemons are a natural diuretic and can help with weight loss because of their high-water content. Drinking lemon juice before each meal helps you stay hydrated and lose excess pounds, but be careful not to have too much in one sitting!

    Lemons are potent and can lead to an upset stomach if consumed too quickly. Also, don't add sugar or other sweeteners—the juice is fine on its own. 

    How to use lemon juice daily. 

    • First thing in the morning, drink one lemon juice in one cup of warm water (on an empty stomach).  

    • Wait 30 minutes before eating breakfast to guarantee that your body obtains the maximum energy and nutrients from the food you eat. Fresh lemons (ideally organic and locally grown) and mineral-rich filtered water are recommended.


    • Regarding water temperature, the Goldilocks principle applies — not too hot, not too cold, but just perfect. In this example, "just right" means "lukewarm." Some of the enzymatic capabilities of fresh lemon are destroyed by boiling water, while frigid water reduces its digestive advantages (1).  

    • It may take some time to get used to, but you'll look forward to the following refreshing drink before you know it. Even if you don't end up like it, the health advantages alone will motivate you to keep going. 

    A glass (150ml) of lemon water with 1 lemon juice contains approximately: 

    • 4 kilocalories / 16 kilojoules 

    • 0.1-grams protein 

    • 0.8-grams carbohydrate 

    • 65 milligrams potassium 

    • 18 milligrams of vitamin C 

    Pack More h2O in a Glass 

    Water is good for you, but drinking as much as you should is hard. The solution? Pack more h2O in a glass! Try using water bottles that are taller and narrower. 

    According to a study published in Clinical Nutrition Journal, these containers make it easier to finish our daily quota. And if your job requires sitting at a desk all day long, consider carrying around a refillable water bottle so you'll have constant access to h2O. 

    Here are the best water bottle brands to keep you feeling sharp in 2022. 

    32oz Motivational Water Bottle

    Consume Hydrating Food 

    Taking hydrating meals, especially in hot weather when the body loses water and critical electrolytes via perspiration, can help to maintain hydration levels and supply a range of nutrients. 

    Health professionals commonly recommend drinking several glasses of water daily to satisfy your hydration demands, but the water content of meals is sometimes disregarded.   

    hydrating Food

    While drinking water is essential, you may ingest a considerable quantity of water by eating a range of water-rich fruits, vegetables, and dairy products.  

    These 10 meals contain at least 85 percent water (1), making them an excellent choice for hydration. 

    Water  Volume (%)


    Iceberg Lettuce






    Romaine Lettuce










    Skim Milk


    Pay Attention to Your Poop

    Even if we attempt to avoid the subject in polite discourse, the truth is that everyone poops. This is why the appearance and odor of your feces might provide information about what's happening within your body. 

    The texture, shape, size, smell, and color of your stool might indicate dehydration, illnesses, dietary deficiencies, and even stress, so the next time you do the doo, pay attention to what your poop is trying to tell you (1).    

    • Hard, Dry, and Lumpy - You're probably dehydrated and low in fiber. Try drinking more water and eating more fruits and vegetables. 

    • Soft, Fluffy Blobs — Having mushy poo is normal, but it might also indicate that you're on the cusp of diarrhea. 

    On the other hand, drinking enough water can help regulate your body's water volume and intestines to avoid dehydration and constipation. When our bodies don't get enough water, our colon gets its hydration from our feces, which is why it's often tough to drop a deuce. Drink extra water if you want to prevent the misery of dehydration and constipation.  

    There are apps for measuring your daily calories burned, steps done, and stairs climbed — and now there are many applications for tracking your bowel movements

    There are poop-tracking applications for every need, whether for health reasons, curiosity or simply to make you laugh. Here are a few examples of them. 

    Application Platform Price

    Bowel Mover Pro






    Cara Care 

    iOS, Android


    Drink Tea Instead of Coffee 

    I know what you're thinking: I already drink coffee. And I know some of you can't start your day without it (neither can I). But tea is also a great way to stay hydrated! 

    From an energizing matcha green tea in the morning to calming chamomile at night, these healthy teas are filled with antioxidants that keep you hydrated and feeling great.  

    Tea variety for Hydration
    Matcha green tea N Chamomile

    Though coffee can accomplish the same thing, tea has the extra bonus of being primarily natural h2O with that excellent tea taste, which means that on a hot summer day, it's far more helpful to sip some tea (hot or cold) to replenish any fluids you've lost via perspiration. It's also great for your skin and helps it stay moisturized longer.  

    Tea is one of nature's great unifiers. No issue or crisis can't be addressed (or at least alleviated and eased if it can't be solved) with a cup of tea. However, coffee appears to have surpassed tea as the most popular hot beverage among many individuals. 



    Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do to improve your health. Drinking water has many health benefits, including a reduced risk of Obesity, Diabetes, Heart disease, and Kidney Stones. It also helps regulate body temperature, improves digestion, and helps maintain muscle function. 


    Will Hydration Build Muscle? Let me know in the comment below. 

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